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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Portfolio web site "Ivor`s info design". Presentation. Successful web elements - "All in one". The best info design images.

....So, why exactly the topic of the portfolio is the info-design and its most successful examples?
Maybe because it clearly represents everything that falls in the scope of Aivars R.’s, more widely known as Ivor, work. It comprises photography, video editing, work with models, visual design, book cover and packaging design, WEB-design and programming, UI, UX design, data visualisation, web-marketing, SEO, WEB promotion of anything, etc. ……Let us also remember that this portfolio-site is not for professional exhibitions or fans, for now at least. One should not try finding neither style uniformity, nor any sorts of thematic order here, nor any high art, nor artistic processes. This is more of a place for different possibilities, empirically proven, result-stable and dynamic visual solutions, where everyone could find something for himself and take it, would it be a form, a style or an idea.
Although, there is one thematic tendency, it would be the topic of web-sites and their most important parts concerning the efficiency of info-design and visual solutions. Examples are everything published here and any visual or technical part of the sites.
If we paraphrase it – what we can and what we must use while making a new web-site, what is new in terms of visual accessories, what are the possibilities in renewing an existing site, which visual advertisement works the best. And, the most important, which already existing design results or has a potential to result in the number of people visiting the site skyrocketing.
 Until now I have been represented only by my works and my avatar – a caricature. Well, my easy-to-remember YouTube name “infodesigner100” also. That is why this time I will present myself as an info-designer and author. After all, it is high time to reveal myself to a wider public. I should also mention that it is not a usual info-design site. I should better call it a demonstration of empirically tested info-design elements. The practical side of this is web pages, and the aim is the internet promotion of enterprises, people and their work and business. The methods are more of a visual advertisement and info-design kind, rather than of the SEO approach. Concerning this area, certain achievements have been accomplished and I hope you will find something useful..."

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Web banners, web -animation, flash video as the most important product in information design.

Why an article about the possibilities of web banners, informational animation and flash videos for the Internet pages instead of (UI), (UX) web design as promised?

     It will be, but from a slightly different position, and the reasons are two:

First of all – mentioned types of visual content at the moment is the most important part of information design (and consequently (UI), (UX) of web design), for any serious online site today. We will add either outstanding and the most effective part. 
After all this is not just an image of someone or something, it is not a picture with it`s already huge information possibilities. That`s a lot of pictures, it is dynamic as well as speech and musical accompaniment. These are sound and visual effects, interactivity if necessary. 
That`s where the scope for the info designer! Moreover, proper selection and placement of static pictures and text, web banners, informational animations, flash video and interactive elements are the cornerstone of (UI), (UX) web design. 
      That is - we cannot have an idea about the process or a profession as a whole, if we do not understand the most important details either building this process or features of the profession in particular. 
Moreover even in academic materials about informational (UI), (UX) web design there is some confusion and scope overlap and impact. Actually the reason is quite objective – in practice this overlap have to be there in the place. Even much and often. Let`s do not compare with the situation where, for example, as web designers are called (or how they call themselves) web programmers, specialists in CMS and web imposers, webmasters and people who can make websites. 
There are people – orchestra – honor and glory for them, but mostly everything is quite simple – web designer probably sounds more impressive and fashionable, creative and mysterious. 
     Why this is an example? 
Because largely to demand web designer with the obligatory knowledge of (UI), (UX) is about the same thing as to write: “Need a car-driver with the required skills of driving cars”. 
Our opinion – the design can either be or not on the site. If there were worked professionals and it (the design) is present, there will be taken in to account principles of information architecture, will be respected User interface and User experience. 
In a nutshell – the maximum adaptability to the needs, capabilities and features of the target audience, i.e., consumer – user. And it is already an ease of use, simplicity and intuitiveness in perception, comfort, visibility and knowledge level, qualifications and skills of the intended consumer (user), as well as consideration of its inquiries, the possibility of effective feedback, beauty and aesthetic of the work done. 
Without going in to the theoretical research and not to turn our blog in to a kind of Wikipedia for information design, bringing even more confusion in this matter, it is probably all that was necessary to know for ordinary (but not the most stupid) reader. 

What is the secondly?
    Well, the customer does not want to throw away his old website and make a new one, even if the return is zero. Give him the repair or the reconstruction, but such that it would have been better than that newly created. 
Do not want to contradict myself, it was a lot written about this event is pretty useless, but one effective way of improvement still exists. 
Yes it is just about web banners, informational animation and flash videos for the internet pages. It should be accented that it is placed on the page, because it`s not really what put up for information and advertising purposes un You Tube, Ru Tube, Vimeo, etc. (although it can be done. How better – we will find out at the end). 
Still for clarifying – this time under the web banner will not understand all these colorful “Buy”, "Click", “Order”, etc., but only those that carry additional information overload and/or stand out among their own kind in the banner networks that you cannot see others. This means that designer has specifically studied the environment and created a web-catching banner, sometimes it is even more difficult than making a great informational. 

But let`s go back to the website which is supposed to optimize by placing the appropriate dynamic content. 
Where such a “make-up and setting” should be applied?
Mostly, it`s just a case where the principles of information architecture and (UI),(UX) web design were not meet, or the site is “expanded” to such an extent that it is no longer working. 
A consequence of this – site has name, the ratings, but it is not “readable”. 

- This can be a web site with an interesting and unique written content that “likes” search engines, but reader who is lazy, not so smart or all together. Much to our regret, the reality is that even a couple of pages of text often become an insurmountable problem for the modern internet user. 
- This and site – covering a very specific topic, cannot do without visual explanations. 
- Multi profile and with information overloaded site also is a potential customer. 
- Site dealing with all sorts of answer to the question “How……..?” 

In particular it could be any online store that sells, for example, lawn mowers. Well, how else to explain intelligibly how to clean it, than with a short video. In addition, it is an additional opportunity to show how it is advanced, convenient, etc., how to successfully cope with such a difficult technique will show cute blonde girl on the lawn of her house, etc. 

It should be mentioned that in contrast to the static visual content – info-graphics, informational pictures, posters, etc., dynamic content ratings in search engines by itself does not raise. (Except for GIF-animation, where the “frozen” image may appear in the image search). Under normal circumstances, only the links are working.

What`s in the third?

Of course, this is a topic of advertising, specifically its value. Let`s think about what you can “create” on your pages in the site, put in You Tube, Ru Tube, Vimeo and others for money which is worth one minute in the TV or an article with pictures in the newspaper/magazine? 

Who knows the price – write it down or we will be blamed in unfair competition, even such huge sharks. Yes it`s millions and billions audience, but is the Internet less, if we have a professional approach to promotion? 
We paid for other. We paid for the TRUST in the credibility of these media. 
It seems clear why in the past tense, but now we pay for what? 

And finally, it is a cause and effect.

      It is that realizing the importance and relevance of dynamic content (for brevity – web banners, informational animation and flash video, mini presentations and interactive elements that are placed directly on the pages of sites as well as audio), it was decided to create a separate site only for this subject http://banner-market.tk. There is no “Theory”, just examples and ideas. 

In conclusion… We promised to explain what is the difference of dynamic content – informational animation and flash videos for websites and videos that are exposed for informational and advertising purposes on You Tube, Ru Tube, Vimeo and in other video portals.

In general, there is no difference, so they can be exposed, but there are nuances, though mostly from the point of the view of information design than technical. What are they? 

You are visiting You Tube, Ru Tube to find and view videos with a specific topic. And you are watching – minute, two minutes, three, five and more minutes. On the page for direct video display, i.e., for the loaded video on page there is usually restriction on volume. And is it appropriate to load something long and weighty if you can display on the video portal. This is technique. 

Regarding to the information design: why you are loading on your website, for example, flash video or informational banner? For the reason that a visitor can see it once, maybe even continuously. Information should be concise, but understandable (movie length – the best is 2-3-5 frames up to the minute). Catchy enough, but do not take away from the entire page. No wonder that flash is called as a blaze. Sometimes the blaze is needed to “light up” just a single paragraph. 

Hence, with the right approach we must have the same material, but different in size (weight), the length, the sped of information rate. Experts know that there are differences in the methods, techniques and special effects. Even the legal aspects may be different, for example, the 25th frame in some cases can be used, but somewhere it is banned. 

According to this, if you want to place in different places, it is advisable to do the following. To make an order to professionals for the You Tube, and then provide the material (not edited) for the info designer to product the flash. 

It is very well when You Tube has a video material. Info designer can find out what from the submitted appeal to the visitor, what have competitors, what is especially characteristic of the industry and company profile. The “squeeze” the main thing, something remove, mount photos and add effects, text, etc., and create a very bright flash movie for webpage, also from a pure photographic material. Normally it is done by remote collaboration. 

Of course, montage and video editing is only for social networking – wallpapers, titles, overlay of animation and effects, and much more too can be competently performed by “Orius” digital production professionals. 

Unlike other studios and visual and information design art workshops – strictly adhering to their own high standards, and completing a full cycle of a preliminary study of the market (the Internet) and the business needs of customer. 

More (approaches to the production of both static and dynamic content are different enough) – in the article “4 steps of the quality and efficiency in information design”. 

         At the moment, when loyalty to put forward a year ago, information design concepts proven in practice with truly global and permanent results, just right to declare: “We simply cannot afford to make low-quality goods”.

"Orius" digital production.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The information design studio ”Orius” all over again has the highest ratings, this time in the general searches! What and how has changed in 2013?

       Latvian version - http://info-dizaina-studija.blogspot.com 
Picture shows the best info design images produced by  info design studio “Orius” digital production

    As you have noticed on our home page there is not just section info-design news and information for publication, but also the unique visual searching and experimental testing area for the promotion of Internet –project. 
It’s some kind of the unique space for the testing, where everyone can see the results online. Probably, because in this open “visual laboratory” for everyone, the working results before that to a greater extent were interested to the producers and design professionals rather than for the potential customers. 
Although that in the serious web-design job offers more and more in demand not just web-designers, but necessarily with an appropriate experience (UI) and (UX) web-solutions testify that the Internet-market make the frontline customers think and to educate yourself. 
The question “why my technically well-developed site is not drawing the customers” is a good incentive.

   We have already mentioned about the informative objects of design and 4 minimum steps for the visual data effectiveness. In the near future, by all means it will be necessary to write about (UX) and (UI) web-design, as well as about the differences between the internal and external SEO and why now in the majority of cases optimal to make a new site than to correct the old one. 

Meanwhile, let’s see how the high-quality visual and information design boost up the rating of all web-pages and some related paradoxes. As an example is again the rank of our site and its changes almost over the year. 

Now in stages: 

After the publications in the last year, on the 23rd of July, all the 8 informative images stably got the first place of the world searches. For such result it would be necessary to work carefully. Such result, as the proof of our info-design quality as promised and works actually kept the top half a year until the February 2013. Here again the information for thinking and topic for the article “The visual advertisement on Internet – the advantages and acquisitions”.  

But now we go on. 

In November it was necessary to process the results and they were indeed considerable. We had what to write about and what to visualize. Of course, some of the info-design works in this regard were specially created.

Picture shows Websites and images produced by info design studio on the tops of info design

But we have to use it for many things, just slightly processed the screenshot. 

Screenshots showing results of info design studio

And here is the paradox:

As you know the search program hasn't yet the artistic taste. In our case it has already “known” and “ensured” that “Orius” digital production has published only topics closely related to the unpublished visual works (and all searchers like it very much). And look in front of it appears the whole heap of new material of info-design. 
What does it do? Place completely all the images in top!  Those, who have followed our publications and carefully analyzed it, probably, have noticed that at the end of 2012 and at the beginning of 2013 all the images related to the information and visual design in search of information and visual design studio “Orius” the position screenshots, actually, overflow not only the top positions, but even the first rows. It was too much, in addition the screenshots completely “overshadowed” the most valuable from the point of view of info-designs works. 

Probably, for the program functions the peculiar inertness, perhaps for the other reasons, but the partial (inferior Screenshot) images removal of indexation did not help. We had to forbid to “banning” completely all the images. As the result they are completely “disappeared” from the images of searcher’s pages. 

However, such “modesty” was estimated very generously – many of the info-design in general and with the best info-design images/with the best info – design works related to the general searches now are on the 1st and 5th places! Yes, from the hundreds of millions and billions of Google Searches now are placed completely all the “Orius” digital production materials on the first pages! In addition, the really essential for the info-design studio the subject-specific search.   

Examples? Please! (on the 25th of April, 2013, Google.com): 

The best info design images -   the 1st of  2,890 billion;
The highest rated information design studios –  1st  of  394 000 000;
Winning information design images - accordingly 1st of 408 000 000
The top rated information design studios- the 2nd of 1,2 billion;
The best information design studios - the 2nd of   943 000 000;
The highest rated info design studios – the 3rd of 480 million;   
Sometimes it appears, sometimes “disappear” the following:

First placed info design images -  the 2nd—1,380 billion;
The top info design - the 2nd - 1,950 billion;
The top info designers -  the 2nd of 1,710 billion;
Info design images placed as first - the 2nd of 1,680 billion;
info design images placed as first – the 2nd f  1,680 billion;

And finishing the list, another paradox - 
   „The best (in) info design production”- different time periods 2-5 places of “only” 175 million. 

But among whom!!!  

  2013 Oscar Nominees | 85th Academy Awards Nominees - Oscars

Oscar Guide 2013: Best Production Design - HitFix

The World's 25 Best Design Schools - Business Insider

BAFTA Award for Best Production Design - Wikipedia, the free ...
Best British Production Design

You can see also "The best information design producers"  (07/07/2013)

  And among them “Orius” digital production site!  
Info image showing the first placed websites of Information designers

There is something to analyze.

It turns out that everything is quite simple – the current “production design is the same as the earlier “Art direction” basis and in a more wider meaning it, however, associated with the films and TV industry, rather than with the information design. From this point of view the searcher, you would think has made a mistake. On the other hand, he is right. The 
 information  design includes, for example, the creation of the defined process of photo scenario or video scenario, directing and informative video producing, video installation and effects, even actors or models work. The studio “Orius” for the Internet requirements often has to deal with it. In its turn all the traditional “Production design” processes also include the information design elements. Elementary – the same movie broadsheets and posters, clips, textual and visual information as well as the film advertisement on Internet. It is reasonable that the content and links from these info design studio “Orius” works have made the corresponding results.

For sure, the SEO optimization for the interesting article topic and for the unpublished textual materials is not less important than the visual components, even more important. Ideally, they should work together, complimenting each other thematically.

Meanwhile it is all about the information design studio “Orius” achievements in the first half of 2013 and used results methods of internet-promotion.

The upcoming articles are about (UI) web-design and (UX) web-design solutions for the data visualization, as well as the use of this principle for the Internet advertisement and Internet promotion.

"Orius" digital production.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Who is the first and the best in the info-design and in production of informative images globally!

Informational images – in the 1st pages and 1st places of the searching engines!

About studio

Russian version -  http://info-design-studio-ru.blogspot.com 

Latvian version - http://info-dizaina-studija.blogspot.com 

Information design studio „Orius” own-set record is smashed! 

The new achievement – files according to the key words – The tops of info design the 1st and this time also the 2nd place between already more than 7 billion International “Google” image search query

NOTE: Information is important, but since the February 2013 many changes have taken place in info-design image and in general search rankings. Why so? Not only because half of the year has gone….read more

(results from Sept/01/2012, 10.00 AM).
1st and 2nd place of billions Google search result - it is a good example showing great triumph of visual and information design studio “Orius” as the producer and promoter of info graphics and WEB-sites

The first places with other key words related to information design there are much more! In addition between billions and one hundred million search results!

Thus, is confirmed the studio team`s motto and goal: “Informational images – in the 1st pages and 1st places of the searching engines!”

Let`s remember that in the 23rd July publication was promised that the described 4 steps in the way to the efficiency, as well as all the “Orius” info-design team innovations and “know-how” will be used to improve care that added an informative images to the publication could appear in Internet search charts. It would be the most tangible proof of info-studio “Orius” professionalism. 
 (see last article)             and added images
Images showing 4 steps in the way to the efficiency of visual and information design
All 8 images in one

This is now done!

Take in to account that the challenge did not occur at this time on topics which are quite distant from the design of information, for example, sewing machine ad, where their works are publishing professionals according to client`s demand and amateurs.

This time it was a challenge: 
Who is the first and the best exactly in the info-design and in production of informative images globally!

“We are on the top of our profession” This with the results of the above information and visual design studio “Orius” digital production team has proven and approved.

To say for definitive clarity, all work that is oriented on such of result was done in the stage of blog construction, i.e., everything necessary was done to the moment of publication. However, this does not mean that the site optimization options have been exhausted. It is still a great deal of them.

Now when the summer and early autumn holidays pleasures are left bright memories, it`s time for the compilation of result. (In principle, we are writing for lazy and slow thinking people, because those who are more active have been figured out all by themselves. Of course, We wanted to show long-term results and draw up a visual “info – hit” portion).

Although the approximate date that was promised, was a month, the results in the “Google” image search engine appeared after 2-4 days!

                                         The studio of info-design
Web page of The studio of info-design is located in the first three places in the search engine

                                         Information design studio
Screenshot_Information design studio

                                    Steps to highest ratings of design      

How can you do without a key strategist and the author of conception?
                              -  Producer of information design studio

Screenshot of Google image search
Please draw attention to the fact that they are: “All results”, “Anytime”, “In any size” and “Any color”.

At the time of publication, of course the results will be different. They can change even in one day.

Just one more time look at and remember the images of July 23 publication, copying the key words, pasting Google image (or text) in the seeker window and look at the results of the dynamics.

Let`s go further.
As we already wrote, the highly rated graphics “draw” up overall rating –

Image shows how the best information design images can provide the first positions of billions for all WEB-site  and make all presentations more informative

Without a “clean” image or a comment web search we can and we should try also a Google WEB search in general, “more tools” in the options (on the left side bottom) section “sites with images”.

Image shows how to find WEB-search option “Sites with images” and how the WEB-site “Information design studio “Orius” has become best rated owing best information design images

keywords - The best rated information design studios 

Let`s see:
The studio of info design,

Top info design images
Image shows the 6th placed site “Information design studio “Orius” in the search window when the key words “Top info design images” are entered

In such a scenario we can see very well, where with the text are mechanically operated just SEO rating risers, but where with the text and visual design diligently are worked really creative info designers. In particular, it refers to a multi-million search requests, in which are fantastic high competition level.

On that issue, let us remember one more time, that competition is going for really high quality information visual design ratings.

What could be the visual studio real success (emphasis on the “visual”), if there is only a long and well-written information, thus taking the 1st places in the overall Web searching, but there is no any informative or explanatory image in the 1st places!

Again, the info-design studio “Orius” unlike the most similar studies is not involved in the entire production of the site. Let us be realistic – such a service, if it is made really in the world top level, requires a long-term cooperation of the customer and info-designer and personal contacts (Day by day). It is hardly to believe that even video-conferencing can fully ensure such cooperation. 

Of course, in the big budget projects can be implemented a long-time ride to the client. But these are quite large additional costs. 

The exception is a single WEB page – product, process, personal presentation or the site with author`s digital material on-line selling opportunities (read the “about us”).

Sometimes it is necessary for even separate, but for very high rated production of the images, but the basic ideal option is to “fill” existing website or add customer submitted textual and visual information with appropriate explanatory and informative pictures, charts or video through Internet remote cooperation options. In this way, even when working in different places in the world, you can assure that the client`s basic idea will be maximally exact visualized and will remain individual specificity. 
Maximum amount of information that is suitable to a mass audience and Internet specification, as well as the 1st places in the charts, it is already the “home” task of “Orius” info designers.
OK, There are already 1st places in the Pages in our recess also of the purely textual web searches –

The high rated information design studios – 3rd place of 234 000 000
The highest rated information design studios – 1st place of 99 700 000
The best rated information design studios - 7th place of 106 000 000 in overall WEB searching and 1st place using option „sites with images” (73 100 000)
As well as:
steps for effectiveness of info design - 1st place  of 42 200 000
steps for visual data effectiveness -  1st place of 24 000 0000

***A small, but important feature – if we input the key words in English in any other language Google search, the results usually (but not always) are higher than if you are searching in the original English page. This is due to the fact that in the 1st case are summarized all, who are using Roman letters and in the 2nd case – only English – speaking or those, who use just searching engines in the English language.

Location and number of searches can also vary, depending on local time (night, morning, day, evening), day of the week and so on.

Let`s go beyond "images" and/or "sites with the images"
Studio of info design 
Studio of information design
Studio of info-design
The studio of info-design

And finally, with the key words – The tops of info design - has surpassed our set highest performance. It is the 1st and the 2nd place between 7 billion, 880 million GOOGLE image search requests! 

(01/Sept/2012, 10.00 AM, i.e., more than a month after publication).

1st & the 2nd place between 7 billion, 880 million GOOGLE image search requests with key words “The tops of info design”

         Key words   – The tops of info design -


Which key words might be better suited to the general topic of the publication in July 23 and the progress of the information design studio “Orius” work, priorities and practical achievements?

A more objective and better advertising of their products and the quality of service we cannot even desire.

In addition, no fees, “black” and “gray” SEO optimization techniques. (professionals will know what about we are talking).

In conclusion:
In the Google Image Search we can even experiment with such a information and design theme key words like
- The highest ratings of info design, this time we can use also the full - - The highest ratings of information design
- Steps to highest ratings of info design
- Quality of information design

It is related to the other serious sector, but as according to the thematic also is in the 1st pages:
- Market and own business analysis
- Analysis of internet and own business

Finally as the winning chord to the info design studio “Orius” visual work efficiency presentation!

The key words - Info design images placed the first -

The first three places of the 12 billion image search results

(from  Sept. 29. 2012 – (i.e., more than 2 months after publication in Jul. 23. up to Nov. 08. 2012.)
winning images of visual and Information design
Winning information design

 Sept. 29. 2012 was a Sunday. In the weekdays the searching requests are less, but the first 3 places remain permanently! Also today, the first places remain!

More than 10 billion Google image search, the first two places are occupied by key words 

- First placed info design images-

WEB search, option „text with images”:

The key words - The best information design images
 4th place of the billions!
The key words- The best info design images - 5th place of the billions!

See also

The highest rated information design studios   (1 of 101 mil WEB search; 1st,2nd,3rd images of 172 mil)
The high rated information design studios   -WEB search and images only
The high rated studios of information design  -WEB search and images only
The high rated studios of info design     -WEB search and images only
The top info designers - (1st image of 933, and see sites with images 

It is worth to cooperate with us! Write, do not hesitate!

You should not be afraid of the potential high costs. Even all info-graphics are produced to forwarding in the charts; these prices are the average related to the regional info-designers service markets. The only one “Orius” difference – are used elastic postpaid coefficients for the places in the 1st pages or 1st places according to the number of searching request. Of course, the image that has taken the 1st, 2nd to 10th place in the 100 millions searching results will cost more, even not mentioning the billion tops. Such a result requires a thorough analysis of the feasibility and the Internet. As I had mentioned in the previous article, the client should balance a budget with real needs, look how big and where the audience is required!

And write us!            oriusdigital@gmail.com 

Skype: sirions7         (for messages)

We will find the best visual solution to achieve your goals!
And we will set it out in the seekers charts!

As you have noticed    since the February 2013 many changes have taken place in info-design image and in general search rankings. Why so? Not only because half of the year has gone….read news

The team of studio “Orius"   &  
“The top of visual and info designers” includes Producer Aivars R. (Ivor) as an author and creator of highest rated info design images
Producer of info design

"Orius" digital production.
e-mail: oriusdigital@gmail.com  
More about “Orius” pricing policy, deadlines, submitting, etc., you can find in the FAQ next few articles.